Welcome to Paws 2 Dance! We are a Canine Musical Freestyle Club based in Langley, BC, Canada, with chapters located on Vancouver Island and in Washington State.

We see ourselves as a group of similar minded people who have a love of dogs and a desire to work closely with them. Through our interest in music and movement we are developing ways to work as a team and bond more closely with our dogs, as well as keep them mentally and physically stimulated. We stress participation in this sport but also feel competition is important to challenge us and our canine partners to work at a higher level. Above all we see canine musical freestyle as a fun activity that is enjoyable for us as well as our canine partners. We welcome all interested people along with their dogs of any breed. Freestyle is a sport for everyone; you are never too young or too old to participate!

What is Canine Musical Freestyle?

Imagine moving across the floor in time with the music, interpreting the music with your steps, body movements, and hand positions. Now, add a dog weaving between your legs…. Read On….

What is Canine Dressage?

This discipline, which emphasizes quality heeling, was developed by Paws 2 dance as an adjunct to freestyle to improve the quality of dog movement.
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