There are no set Freestyle Cues for any move; it is totally up to you!  If you need inspiration, you can check out this list.  See something that is missing?  Go to the Form and add your cues!

Downloadable PDF File: Freestyle Cues

Form to add your Cues:


Dog gets into heel position on Left side Heel, Get In, left-side, left, Ready
Dog gets into heel position on Right side Right side, Right, Ici
Dog in Reverse heel position on Left side port, Leg, reverse-ready, Reverse, Face
Dog in Reverse Heel position on Right side reverse, star, Gel, Right-reverse,
Dog stands in front of Handler, facing them Front, Centre
Dog stands in front of Handler, facing away Away, Point, Look-away
Dog in front of Handler, perpendicular (across body) cross, front-side
Dog stands behind Handler, facing them Behind, back-side
Dog stands behind Handler, facing away side away
Dog behind Handler, perpendicular (across body) rear pass (facing left) and shift (facing right), back ready
Dog goes into a Down position Down, Flat, Settle, Couch é
Dog sits Sit, Assey
Dog stands Stand, Enleve
Dog stands between Handler’s legs Place, Between, Peek, Middle, Legs
Dog bows Bow, Head down, Duck, Curtsey, Ta-Daaa
Circle around Handler Clockwise Around, Circle, Go ’round
Circle around Handler Counter-Clockwise Around, Circle, other way
Spin in place Clockwise Spin, turn, twist
Spin in place Counter-Clockwise Spin, Twist
Circle Backwards around Handler Clockwise Back-Around, Circle-back, Tooc, Scoot, Reel-Back
Circle Backwards around Handler Counter-Clockwise Back-Around, Pivot, Scoot, Circle-back,
Dog circles forward around a Prop Circle, Around, Go-around
Dog circles backward around a Prop Back, Pivot, Circle-back, Back-around
Weave forward through Handler’s legs Weave, Go thru, Through, Under
Weave backward through Handler’s legs Back thru, Exit, scoot, skittle, Back-under, Through-back
Do a forward Figure 8 through Handlers legs Weave, Through, Through-through
Do a Backward Figure 8 through Handlers legs Back weave, exit, back-under, through-back
Crawl forward beside Handler Crawl, Heel/crawl
Crawl backward beside Handler Crawl, Scoot, Crawl-back,
Crawl towards Handler from a distance Crawl, Crawl-Front, Crawl-here
Crawl forwards around Handler Crawl, crawl-circle, circle-crawl, crawl around
Crawl backwards around Handler crawl circle-back, scoot around
Roll over (to dog’s left) Over, Roll Over, Roll, Flip
Roll over (to dog’s right) Over, Roll-over, flip-over, other-way, roul é
Dog lays on it’s side Down and flat, Bang, Bang-bang, side, sleep, Flat
Dog does a Crawling forward weave between Handlers legs crawl through
Dog does a Crawling backward weave between Handlers legs Crawl-exit, crawl-back
Dog touches Handlers hand with paw Paw, Right or Left, Touch, shake
Dog lifts Left paw Left paw, Left, Paw, Foot, Touch
Dog lifts Right paw Right paw, Right, Foot, Paw, Tap
Dog crosses Right Paw over Left Criss
Dog crosses Left Paw over Right Cross
Dog puts paw over his nose shy, Bad-dog
Dog goes up on back legs Up, High, Up-up
Dog walks forward around Handler Circle, Up circle, walk-around
Dog walks backward around Handler Back around, Up-circle-back, Walk-back
Dog stands behind Handler, ‘turning’ them Twist, Pup-pup
Dog touches back of legs with paws left or right, Touch, Feet-up
Dog goes up on back legs, and leans into Handler Reverse, Tuck-in
Dog maintains heel position as Handler steps away (sidepass away) Close, Heel, This way, In, get-in
Dog maintains heel position as Handler steps towards (sidepass away) Close, Hell, That-way, Left-away, Right-away, Out, get-in
Dog maintains Front position as Handler steps sideways front, centre-side, centre-lean
Dog maintains Rear position as Handler steps sideways behind, behind-side, behind-lean, move
Dog sits up on haunches Sit up, Beg, Pretty, Cute, Sit-pretty
Dog puts paws on Handler’s shoulders Both, Hug
Dog backs up beside Handler Heel, Left-back, Right-back, Heel-back, Back
Dog backs up away from Handler Back, Back away, Back-Back, Beep-beep, Away