Paws 2 Dance is a growing Musical Freestyle Club with members throughout British Columbia in Canada, and Washington State in the United States. Everyone is welcome to join this friendly and exciting club!

As a new member of Paws 2 Dance, you will be joining a dynamic group of people and their dogs, dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of sportsmanship, responsible dog ownership, and the sharing of creative and innovative ideas in defining the sport of Canine Musical Freestyle.

Our objectives are to promote the incredible bond that is created between dog and handler when they dance together. In addition, we aim to provide opportunities for dog and handler teams to learn, share and enjoy Musical Freestyle through fun matches, competitions, and social activities.

Your love of freestyle with your dog will be enriched and encouraged through this energetic, supportive club.

Your membership fee provides you with entrance to competitions, discounts on sponsored Seminars, a dedicated email forum, and supports our Club in sponsoring competitions, fun meets, and other related activities in the area. Your fees also go towards training and approving local Musical Freestyle judges and overall promotion of the wonderful sport of Musical Canine Freestyle in Western Canada and United States.

We pride ourselves for the high standard of canine freestyle that is being performed by our Club; we believe it should be a sport where both the dog and the Handler are showcased as a bonded team.

If you or your group decides to join us, you may still belong to other canine freestyle organizations. Joining Paws 2 Dance will give you another freestyle option to pursue!

New membership is just $30 for Lower Mainland members, and $25 for all others.

Sign up as a Member here!

Dog Registration

In order for your dog’s competition results to be tracked for Titles, they must be registered with Paws 2 Dance.  When you join the Club, any dogs that you include on your form are automatically registered but any new dogs that you acquire afterwards must be registered manually.  You may do so by using the form here: Dog Registration


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