The creation of a large scale theatrical production, such as Escape the Darkness (2010), and Shadows of Eternity (2012) were very costly endeavors.  While we do not plan to mount anything that lavish again in the near future, we are looking forward to hosting events such as Showcases,  Competitions, Seminars, and more..

During the year, we are doing Demos, hosting Seminars, organizing various Fundraising drives, Garage Sales, and hoping to raise the interest of Private and Corporate Sponsors …… like you!

Your donation to Paws 2 Dance allows us to give back to the Community, as well as fund our events!  In 2010, Escape the Darkness did so well at the Box Office that we were able to donate $5000 to CritterCare in Langley, and another $1000 to Brookswood Senior Centre!  In 2012, after Shadows of Eternity, our charity of choice was S.A.I.N.T.S.(Senior Animals in Need Society).

If you would like to make a donation to Paws 2 Dance, we would be absolutely thrilled to accept it!  You can do so using the PayPal button below, or by contacting our Marketing and Sponsorship person, Sue Sweeney



Our current Sponsors