On November 3rd & 4th, 2012, Paws 2 Dance presented a full length theatrical production at the Bell Centre for the Performing Arts in Surrey, BC to combined audiences of over 950 people!

This was our second major production, following in the footsteps of  the highly successful ‘Escape the Darkness‘ in 2010.

Shadows of Eternity was a grand and colourful fantasy set in Ancient Egypt in which a young Pharaoh is kidnapped by ‘Shadow Creatures’ and taken to their Tomb world. This dramatic production showcased the talents of Paws 2 Dance Canine Freestylers as well as Indoor Kite Flyers and a local Ballet Dancer.

Directed & Choreographed by:  Ray Underwood

Set Design: Lin MacDonald   Costume Design: Annette Granbois 

Script By: Lydia Francescutti


Gail Walsh, Annette Granbois, Joyce Johnstone, Sharon Lunde, Lin MacDonald, Tristan Underwood, Cailan Underwood, Erin Mozel, Lydia Francescutti, Ray Underwood, Ann Reiland, Jean Dawson, Janice Hodge, Debra Hampton, Joan Strick, Nina Green, Alison Trinkaus, Grazyna Pstrong, Karen Eskilson, Anne Grue, Lam Hoac, David Hathaway, Chris Chen and Alanna Clapp